This course will cover the principles of Fire and Explosion and is aimed at all those in the Fire Industry who would benefit from a greater understanding of this important topic. (Duration 10 Hours CPD)

This course will cover the following

his module covers the following topics:

  • Principles of fire and explosion
  • Aims of modules
  • Chemical reactions
  • Endothermic reaction
  • Exothermic reaction
  • The nature of fire
  • Combustion process
  • Inert gases
  • Extinguishing fires
  • Flammable range
  • LEL and UEL
  • Determining explosive atmospheres
  • Testing results
  • Permit threshold requirement
  • Dust explosions
  • What is a combustible dust
  • When are dusts created
  • Primary and secondary explosions
  • Preconditions of a dust explosion
  • Explosive concentrations
  • Detonation and deflagration
  • Case study
  • Vapour cloud explosion
  • Confined vapour cloud explosion
  • Piper alpha disaster
  • Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmosphere Regulations (DSEAR)
  • Statistics
  • What are dangerous substances?
  • Explosive atmospheres
  • Categories of dangerous substances
  • Hazardous and non-hazardous places
  • Hazard zones
  • Providing anti-static clothing
  • Gas welding
  • Work clothing and PPE
  • Incidents and emergencies
  • Training for emergencies
  • Risk assessment
  • The 5 steps of a risk assessment
  • Who should carry out the risk assessment?
  • Fire Safety principles
  • Fire Safety order
  • Work processes
  • Flammable gases
  • Oxygen
  • Major consequences of a BLEVE
  • Safe use of Oxygen
  • Emergency arrangements
  • Why do we have confined space entry permits?
  • Accountabilities of the issuer
  • Issuing a Confined Space permit


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