This course will cover the issues that fire poses in a heritage building. It will look at various options on how to comply with the principles of fire risk assessment in a building which does not comply with current fire regulations. The areas covered include;

  • Introduction
  • What is a heritage building
  • Heritage protection
  • Listed buildings
  • procedure for listing
  • Categories of listing
  • Altering a listed building
  • Case studies
  • Riga castle
  • Windsor castle fire
  • What are the risks that they pose?
  • Are changes appropriate?
  • Means of escape
  • Early warning
  • Internal fire spread (linings)
  • Internal fire spread (structure)
  • Compartmentation
  • Party floors
  • Ceiling protection
  • Timber floor protection
  • External fire spread
  • Access and facilities for the Fire Service


2 hours CPD


£60 plus VAT (£72 inc VAT)

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