The “Fire Risk Management and Safety” course has been developed to improve the understanding of fire safety to a high level and is the first of its kind offered completely online and this will enable students worldwide to have full access to this level of course. This course has been accepted as a recognised educational programme of the Institution of Fire Engineers at the grade of TIFireE. (Note: As part of your application you will also have to demonstrate 25 hours of  extra CPD throughout a 12 month period.)

The course is aimed at all those with any involvement in fire safety who wish to gain professional recognition with an International Organisation.  The course covers all the core competencies identified by the Core Competency Council that fire risk assessors should possess.  It also covers how to comply with Building Regulations, satisfying the five functional requirements utilising BS9999 Fire Safety in the Design, Management and Use of Buildings and BR187 External Fire Spread and Building Separation Distances, both of which are internationally accepted standards. You will need access to these codes in order to carry out the exercises.

The course is accompanied by a workbook which involves carrying out numerous exercises as the course progresses to ensure understanding. On successful completion of the course and examinations you will have academic exemption for the grade of TIFireE and can apply to the Institution of Fire Engineers. Examinations are forecast to be held in the United Kingdom, however, we are in the process of identifying centres around the world where these can be held.

This course is available to both individuals and organisations worldwide.  As the course is fully online it is accessible 365 days a year.


“I used Fire Risk Consultancy to further my knowledge and gain a professional qualification to show I am a competent Fire Risk Assessor, the main reason for choosing FRC was the ability to study online and in my own time so as not to impact my working time. The eLearing style enabled me to continually refer back to subjects which I needed more time to understand and process whilst still allowing me to progress through the course

” Jason Burgoyne DipFD (soon to be TiFireE thanks to FRC)


110 hours IFE awarded CPD

Click to download Sample of workbook.(Only sample 16 pages)  Fire Investigation slides


£995 plus VAT (£1194 inc VAT) . Exams are held every 3 months and all examinations are online.

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