These courses have been designed to improve the understanding of building regulations ad related courses.



Part B – An introduction

This course will give an introduction to Part B Fire Safety of the Building Regulations 2010. It will look at how part B is complied with and by whom. It will then give an introduction to satisfying the five functional requirements of Part B


Part B – Full course

This course has been designed to cover how to comply with Part B of the Building Regulations. It will go through how to demonstrate compliance with the five functional requirements utilising both ADB and BS9999. It also covers determining boundary distances to BR187


Fire safety in heritage premises

This course will cover the issues that fire poses in a heritage building. It will look at various options on how to comply with the principles of fire risk assessment in a building which does not comply with current fire regulations.


Fire engineering principles

The aim of this course is to enable the student to understand fundamental Fire Engineering Principles. It will give you the basic principles and underlying concepts you need to carry out a Fire Engineered solution. It will also go through fundamental mathematical principles that Fire Engineers should have.


Smoke control made simple

This course will revolutionise the knowledge on smoke control for all sectors of the industry. We have developed a highly innovative method of determining the ventilation requirements of virtually any building with an atrium from start to finish. Application of this method has been designed to make sure you consider all areas required to ensure the smoke control system is compliant and will certify that the design objectives are met.


External Fire Spread – The Way Forward

This course will look at all the key issues that external fire spread pose.


Fire safety in hospitals

This online course is aimed at giving guidance on HTM 05 “Guidance in support of functional provisions (Fire safety in the design of healthcare premises)”


Fire doors – what you need to know

The course is designed to give delegates an understanding of the issues they should be aware of with regards fire doors. It will look at how to identify a Fire Door and all related information on maintenance, upgrading, heritage buildings and various schemes available to ensure they will carry out their function.


Fire safety in specialised housing BS9991

This online course will cover the issues that you should consider with regards to “Fire Safety in Specialised Housing”. It is clear that at present, the many Fire Risk assessments that have been carried out in these types of premises are likely not to be deemed to be “Suitable and Sufficient” as they have not considered the special risks that these premises pose


RMUs in shopping malls

This presentation discusses the issue of bringing fire loading shopping malls and other atriums. The introduction of an RMU (Retail Merchandising Unit) in a mall poses significant risks if the issue is not considered.


BS9999 The concept

This seminar provides an introduction to the principles on which BS9999:2008 Code of practice for Fire Safety in the Design, Management and Use of Buildings are based.
This Code applies a risk based approach to fire safety and requires that the fire safety measures reflect the perceived risk. It also allows maximum flexibility in the design of buildings and results in travel distances being extended when additional features such as AFD and sprinklers are incorporated in the desig