This course has been designed to cover the key areas identified in the core competence standard. This course is aimed at all those in the fire industry who wish to improve their knowledge on fire safety. This course will offer you the underpinning knowledge required for you to be able to carry out a suitable and sufficient fire risk assessment in various premises and it will ensure that the responsible person is aware of their responsibilities under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

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I have finished the FRC on- line fire risk core competency course, both the slides and watching the lectures and I thought I would like to  give some feedback on how I view the course. I have been in LABC building control for 26 years and I have a degree in the discipline. Part of my degree incorporated fire studies. I am due to sit an exam on the course syllabus July 2015.

The FRC core competency course is just excellent!!

The on- line course is a mix of recorded lectures, slides, film footage and good examples bonded together with a running commentary from the presenter Dave Ware. The content of the course is practical in that there are useful illustrations and comments on fire studies. The course is academic is that the information is presented to a high level and is well referenced. The most important thing is that the course which has the potential to be quite dry is actually presented in a very entertaining and absorbing way to help the candidate understand the course content. My work colleague and I actually enjoyed learning the course which was really uplifting and we were both motivated learning the core standards.

The syllabus covers fire chemistry, mechanics of fire, law, regulations and practical knowledge, all bound together in a highly useful and utilitarian manor. I am absolutely certain all professionals in the fire regulatory, building control and design professions need to sit this course as part of their training. 

My line manager, a Royal Chartered Surveyor  wished to have feed back on the course she had purchased on behalf of the local authority. I intended to show her just ten minutes of film footage to convince her that it was money well spent; she was so engrossed that she spent a whole hour watching the lecture and she wished she had also enroled on the course. We have three trainees in our section, they are not ready yet for the course however we have decided that learning the core competency material mandatory when they have reached a particular level.

Kind Regards

Iain         CABE Bsc(hons)

South/Vale Building Control.

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