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    Available courses

    The Essentials of Compartment Fire Behaviour - Training , Tactics and Techniques Version 1

    This course has been developed to educate all firefighters around the world on understanding fire behaviour and the principles of tactical ventilation. It will enable them to "Read the fire" in order for them to make the correct choices at fire incidents.

    Fire Safety in Heritage Premises copy 1

    This course will cover the issues that fire poses in a heritage building. It will look at various options on how to comply with the principles of fire risk assessment in a building which does not comply with current fire regulation

    Preparing for the IFE Level 3 Certificate in Leadership and Management

    This course is aimed at preparing candidates that wish to sit the  IFE Level 3 Certificate in Leadership and Management. It emphasises the role of effective management in enhancing the performance of operational teams and the organization as a whole. T

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